About the Uilleann Pipes

  • The Uilleann Pipes, originally known as the Union pipes, are the characteristic national bagpipe of Ireland. The bellows not only relieves the player from the effort needed to blow into a bag to maintain pressure, they also allow relatively dry air to power the reeds, reducing the adverse effects of moisture on tuning and longevity. Some pipers can converse or sing while playing as well.
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Brian Krause: Uilleann Pipe Maker

Brian Krause was born in Galway,ireland in 1976 and raised in Kinvara.
At the primary school he started to play the tin whistle and in his teenage years he progressed onto the Uilleann Pipes after hearing a recording of Davy Spillane.
His uncle Milo used to play the pipes and it was with his uncle's old set that he started to play.

Through the years he won many competitions,including all-ireland contests in Flute and Uilleann Pipes.

As a teenager he started to go to reed-making classes in ireland and learnt also from books and practical experience.
He attended a 3 year woodwind instrument making and repair course and graduated in 2004 from with distinction.
Brian also spent a little time with the pipe-maker Geoff Wooff learning the trade, he is also self taught by trial and experimentation.

Credit goes to DK for photos.


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